Credit: Farm Transparency Project
A pig looks up through the bars of a cage as they are about to be lowered into a gas chamber.

Help expose her suffering.

A world-first investigation by Farm Transparency Project reveals the fear and suffering behind pig meat products. Most pigs in Australia spend their final moments in terror, gasping for air inside a gas chamber. Their only hope is caring people learning the truth. Help spread the word.

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Last updated March 22, 2023

In an extraordinary act of bravery Farm Transparency Project investigators have captured the pain and terror that is routine for pigs in slaughterhouses across Australia.

The shocking evidence has aired in a special report on ABC’s 7:30 program, bringing the suffering of these terrified animals out of the shadows to reveal the true cost of pork, bacon and ham products.

Despite the grievous suffering pigs endure, gassing is legal in Australia. With laws failing animals, the greatest hope they have is people becoming informed and making choices that better align with their values.

This vision will be life-changing – and choice-changing – for many. Please share the evidence among your networks and with your friends and family.

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It is simply impossible to watch this vision without thinking, ‘How could they?’

But the question most needed to be asked is Why did they?’

Why were these monstrous machines invented? What ‘need’ were they seeking to address?

The answer is that the pig industry needed a way to kill thousands more pigs each day to meet the growing demand for pork. bacon and ham products.

As a result, these huge gassing chambers in which traumatised pigs would take their final pain-wracked breath, were invented.

The driving factor was consumer choice.

And the only way to bring them to an end is via consumer choice.

Gassing pigs is indefensible

These gassing chambers set a new, utterly indefensible, high bar for animal suffering that the average Australian would never condone, nor want to support.

But until now, Australians didn’t know…

The pig industry will say that these chambers of horrors are the ‘best’ method they have to kill pigs.

The opportunity before all who care is for us to say resolutely in return, ‘Stop killing them then. We will make other choices.’

Consumers of pig meat products were never meant to see this vision. But now, thanks to the courage and compassion of the Farm Transparency Project team, the animal suffering inside slaughterhouses can now be seen, and understood.

Watching this footage will be life-changing – and choice-changing – for many people. Which is why we need to get the evidence in front of as many caring eyes as possible. That’s where you come in.

Chances are, your friends, family and people within your social networks will have no idea this is happening right here in Australia, every single day. They may also not realise the power they wield as consumers to help save animals from systems of suffering.

You may also consider making a donation to the support the extraordinary work of their investigators, without whom the suffering of these animals would forever remain hidden.

This is an important moment in Australia’s history, and in humanity’s history. Do we allow such treatment of sentient beings to continue? Or do we grasp this moment to say ‘this ends with us’?
Lyn White AM
Animals Australia

Forging a new, kinder path

Paradigm shifts are created by us, one by one, detaching from the collective consciousness where animal suffering was accepted, and instead consciously choosing from the heart.

Through doing so, we not only carve a path; we become the bridges between the old world and the new.

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