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A sheep looking out through the bars of a livestock truck.

4 things you can do to help the victims of live export.

Channel your outrage over yet another live export disaster into action for animals.

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Animals Australia team

Last updated February 9, 2024

The suffering of thousands of sheep and cattle trapped inside the MV Bahijah for over a month has captured international news headlines and once again shone a global spotlight on the cruelty and ruthlessness of the live animal export trade.

For many caring people watching on in distress, they know this is just the latest in a long line of disasters that have plagued this industry. And further evidence that animals will always come a distant second to industry profits.

For many other people, this terrible situation has provided them with their first insight into the reality of the live animal export trade. And understandably, questions are being asked as to why live animals are being shipped for thousands of kilometres across the sea just to be killed for their meat.

It’s easy to look around at the world – at the scale of animal (and human) suffering – and feel powerless. But there is always something you can do in this moment – in your office, in your home or in your community – to channel your outrage into meaningful action.

Every kind act is an act of rebellion in a world that needs to value kindness more.

Here are 4 things you can do right now to help the victims of live export…

1. Donate to support live export investigations and campaigns.

Live export companies may be rich and powerful but it’s investigations and campaigns funded by individual members of our community that have:

  • exposed cruel industry business practices
  • fuelled legal action (including a Federal court win)
  • forced major regulatory reforms, and
  • secured political support to end the live sheep export trade.

When you donate to Animals Australia you are making all of this possible.


2. Send a quick email to your Federal MP.

The Albanese government has promised to phase out the live sheep export trade but is yet to name an end date. Community support – backed by decades of evidence of animal suffering – helped achieve this critical policy. But every day live export continues, animals will continue to suffer. Use this tool to find your Federal representative and send them a quick email (or even better, pick up the phone!) and tell them caring Australians want live export to end. If you live outside of Australia, you can send your message to the Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese by using the form on this page.


This image contains content which some may find confronting

A person working on a laptop with a sheep live export sticker stuck on it
'She's not cargo' stickers are available in two designs and help spread the word while also supporting our efforts to end live export.

3. Wear your heart on your sleeve (or car!).

Be a walking billboard for animals! Show your support for ending live export by donning one of our hoodies or t-shirts or popping a bumper sticker on your car (or anywhere really!) You’ll not only be helping to raise awareness of this important issue but by shopping in the Animals Australia store you’ll be supporting our work on behalf of animals (including conducting live export investigations and campaigning to end this cruel trade).


4. Refuse to support the meat industry.

A live animal is not a sack of potatoes. He breathes. He thinks. He can suffer. But to the live animal export trade, this living being is just another way to transport ‘meat’ across the world. Millions of animals every year suffer on ships and in importing countries to build the profits of the global meat industry. Every time you choose a meat-free meal you are rebelling against an industry that treats sentient beings like ‘cargo’. You are helping to create a new demand – for a kinder, more compassionate food system.


This image contains content which some may find confronting