Fur-Free Shopping List.

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Last updated January 1, 2010

The fur trade is responsible for the brutal deaths of millions of fur-bearing animals such as mink, foxes, rabbits, dogs, and cats every year. But you can still get killer looks without the body count simply by choosing faux fur which often looks remarkably like the ‘real thing’! Our fur-free shopping list makes it even easier.

The following retailers, brands and designers have formally undertaken not to use or sell real fur1,2:

NOTE: While these retailers have formally undertaken not to use or sell real fur, some may still sell products made with angora ‘wool’. An investigation by PETA exposed the brutal treatment of angora rabbits on Chinese fur farms. You might like to contact any retailers you see selling angora to encourage them to take these products off their shelves.

If you know a company that does not sell fur but is not on our list, please help us by contacting the company. Ask them to put their fur-free policy in writing and forward the correspondence to us. Your efforts will not only help expand our fur-free list but, by contacting companies as a concerned consumer, will also demonstrate to them that animal fur is a thing of the past.

[1] Some of this information kindly provided by: Fur Free Alliance, Humane Society International Australia, The Humane Society of the United States, Bont voor Dieren.
[2] While all retailers on the list have committed to not selling real fur products, some may still sell other animal skin products.

You can help make compassion the new fashion!