Breakthrough: Labor vows to close live export loophole

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Last updated 8 April 2019

Your voice is powerful: Labor responds to ‘human and animal welfare disaster’ and thousands of people calling out dairy export cruelty

Sick, stressed and slowly dying animals: this is the reported fate of hundreds of pregnant dairy cows shipped to Sri Lanka by an Australian live export company. These vulnerable animals — seemingly ill-suited to the climate and sent to farmers with little capacity or support to care for them — endured some of the most protracted, horrific suffering we’ve ever seen.

The true scale of the disaster was made known only when ABC News aired an investigation on national television.

In response, Animals Australia has rushed an animal welfare expert to offer emergency assistance on-the-ground to alleviate the worst suffering.

Tens of thousands of Animals Australia supporters also leapt into action — calling on MPs to close the loophole that leaves dairy cows exposed to even worse conditions than their brothers and sisters exported for slaughter.

Only about half of the dairy cows slated for the Sri Lanka export program have been sent to date. We MUST secure a bipartisan commitment to spare more animals being put at risk of suffering.

In a decisive move, Federal Labor has committed to end the double-standard.

This would mean that if Labor is elected at the upcoming election, live exporters will be legally responsible for the welfare of dairy cows and breeder animals long after they arrive in destination countries — so these vulnerable animals cannot simply be exported, then forgotten.

This also reflects an earlier positive commitment by Labor to phase out the cruel live sheep trade after it was revealed that animals had been literally cooking alive on board ships.

The Morrison Government is yet to address public demands to extend even the most basic animal welfare standards to dairy cows exported for profit. Which means that while the Coalition remains in government, there’s nothing to stop this from continuing…


Your voice is powerful. Please help us make this call for mercy something the Coalition Government can’t ignore. Add your voice demanding a bipartisan end to the suffering and deaths of dairy cows exported for profit.

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