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Want to save more animals in 2023? You can start today, with Veganuary!

One of the most powerful ways to spare animals from suffering is to choose to eat animal-friendly food, and Veganuary has you covered with tips, tasty recipes, and encouragement.

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Animals Australia team

Last updated December 21, 2022

While striving to change the laws and systems which allow farmed animals to suffer in factory farms, we’ve come to learn that choosing to leave animals off our plates is one of the most powerful ways to help shape the kinder world for animals that we dream of.

In our current food system – which we inherited from those before us – certain animals are valued only in terms of what they produce for us, instead of who they are. Farmed animals are sensitive, social animals with personalities as unique as the companion animals in our lives. They think and feel, and as I’m sure you would agree, they deserve to be spared from the suffering of legalised cruelty and slaughter.

As such, Animals Australia is the official Australian partner of Veganuary – an initiative inspiring people to opt for plant-based food for the month of January, and beyond, to create a better future for everyone.


2023 marks Veganuary’s tenth year of bringing kindness into kitchens around the world, and its rise in popularity is a true sign of hope. Now a global phenomenon, its a testament to the fact that by being the change we wish to see, we can shape a more compassionate future. Driven by their love of animals, the co-founders launched this campaign of kinder eating without realising the positive impact it would eventually have for millions of animals…

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To date, all but two countries across the globe have taken part and almost 2.5 million people have officially signed the pledge to participate – choosing to eat kindly for animals, the planet, or their health (or all three!).

By filling their plates with plants for the 31 days of January, participants of previous years can pat themselves on the back for:

  • 6.7 million animals spared from lives of suffering
  • 4 million litres of water saved
  • 207,680 tonnes less CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
  • 810 tonnes of phosphate pollution in waterways avoided
Whatever you’re hoping for in 2023, trying vegan is a great place to start! Whether it’s a kinder world for all creatures, a brighter future for our children or a healthier way to fuel our bodies – Veganuary is here to help you put your hopes into action.
Toni Vernelli, Veganuary’s Head of Communications

Give Veganuary a try!

Go it solo or get your friends and family together! You can sign up here, and rest assured you’ll be well-supported throughout your journey. You’ll receive:

  • a Celebrity eCookbook
  • the new One-Pot meal plan
  • the Official Veganuary Starter Kit
  • emails with nutritional info, delicious recipes, more meal plans and advice.

What if you already fill your plate with plants…?

Signing up to support the campaign can be more impactful than you think! By coming together as a community and showing support for Veganuary, you’ll be sending a message to brands and retailers that there is a growing demand for offerings that are kinder to animals.

With participation numbers so compelling, the initiative has played a huge part in shaping the market for animal-friendly food options, with brands and companies using January to introduce new offerings to the ever-growing number of compassionate consumers choosing to leave animals off their plates. During the 2022 campaign, in the UK alone, over 800 new products were launched with more than 740 options added to restaurant menus!

Your support has the power to propel this animal-saving initiative forward at a greater speed. Sign up here for a kinder, more impactful 2023 for the animals we share the planet with.