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Made With Plants chicken deli slices on a tasty sandwich.

You won’t believe it’s not chicken

With demand for kinder food options continuing to grow, supermarkets are stocking a wider (and tastier) variety of chicken-friendly meals than ever before!

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Last updated April 2, 2024

Each year in Australia alone, some 500 million chickens are slaughtered for their meat. It’s a shocking statistic, but it’s true. Thankfully, with awareness of the cruelty inherent to the meat industry ever on the rise, more and more caring people are becoming empowered to make kinder choices for animals.

More chickens are eaten annually than any other land animal in the world, and they suffer enormously in the process of getting to dinner plates. So, if you’re among the 1 in 3 Aussies who are putting the chicken before the nugget by eating fewer or no animals, you’re part of a powerful global movement for change!

Together, we can shape a world where our feathered friends are valued not for what their bodies can produce, but as the sweet, gentle, and clever individuals they are.

And whether you’re eating plant-based primarily for animals, the environment, or your health, you can still enjoy all your favourite foods along the way. It’s truly never been easier to find chook-friendly options in stores!

Here are some of our favourite plant-based chicken products you can find in major Australian supermarkets:

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Vegan chicken-free nuggets.
Quorn vegan nuggets are a quick and easy option for parties and platters.
Image credit: Quorn

Nuggets & Popcorn ‘Chicken’

Crispy, crunchy, golden goodness! These plant-based chicken nuggets are ridiculously satisfying. Throw them in the oven for an easy after-school snack, or serve them with a side of roast veggies and mashed potato for a ‘meat and 3 veg’ style main.

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Plantein's chicken-free kiev plated with vegetables on a pink placemat.
The garlic Kiev from Plantein is the ultimate in comfort food.
Image credit: Plantein

Crumbed Schnitzels, Tenders & Kievs

Perfect for swapping into any of your favourite chicken-centric comfort meals. Try these crumbed ‘chicken’ options sliced up in your favourite pasta dish – or layered with tomato sauce, herbs, and melty dairy-free cheese for a veg take on the classic parmigiana. 

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Sunfed's chicken-free chicken in tasty looking wraps on a platter, freshly cut veggies in the background.
Sunfed chicken-free chicken is great to add to wraps and sandwiches.
Image credit: Sunfed

Strips & Fillets

There are heaps of un-crumbed ‘chicken’ products to pick from too, in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These delicious offerings are super versatile. Chuck them into anything from stir-fries to sandwiches, salads to stews for an extra hit of plant-based protein – or have them on their own with tomato sauce for a cheeky, chicken-y snack!

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Veef's plant-based chicken patty on a delicious looking loaded burger.
More often than not, plant-based products – like this crunchy Veef patty – can simply replace animal products to make a meal animal-friendly!
Image credit: Veef

Burgers & Sausages

Pop these on the shopping list for your next BBQ (along with some leafy greens, tomato, onion, dairy-free cheese and egg-free mayo) and you’re set! Hearty plant-based chicken burgers and hot dogs coming right up. The sausages are also amazing sliced up in dishes like gnocchi, veggie stew, and tofu scramble

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A mouthwatering sandwich made with Deli-Licious chicken style slices, lettuce and purple cabbage.
Delectable plant-based deli slices, like Deli-Licious chicken style slices, make sandwich making a dream.
Image credit: Deli-Licious

Deli Slices

These meatless chicken slices are right at home in vibrant salad sandwiches and wraps – and make great additions to plant-based snack platters, too. Good options to remember for kids’ lunch boxes! 

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Ruffie Rustic Food's plant-based chicken pomodoro plated up and sitting on a yellow tartan tablecloth beside a bowl of chili flakes.
Looking for delicious AND quick? Give Ruffie Rustic Food's plant-based chicken pomodoro a go.
Image credit: Ruffie Rustic Food


A few minutes in the microwave, and these convenient faux-chicken ready-meals are ready to be enjoyed. They’re lifesavers for busy lunch breaks or weeknights when you just need something quick, tasty, and nourishing.

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Veef's vegan roast chicken slices on a plate with mash and salad.
A classic with a kinder twist – Veef's chicken style roast will not disappoint.
Image credit: Veef


You’ll find an ever bigger selection of plant-based roasts on the market when the festive season rolls around – but in the meantime, there are several everyday options available. Try out one of these products with a generous drizzle of gravy for your next Sunday roast!

It’s as simple as swapping!

The best thing is, most of these plant-based chicken products can be prepared exactly the same way as their animal-based counterparts – making it super easy to veg-ify any of your usual recipes. Nothing new to learn here, just swap out the meat!

Ready to discover some new favourites?

When browsing for chicken-friendly options, be sure to check these three hotspots of your local supermarket: the frozen vegetarian section, the refrigerated vegetarian section, and the plant-based zone of the meat section

Smaller shops like Asian grocers and health stores are also well worth checking out – they can be wonderlands when it comes to meat-free meals. Alternatively, you can order a wide range of plant-based meat online at The Vegan Grocery Store or Vegan Perfection. Both based in Australia, they’re excellent one-stop shops for all things veg, and they’ll deliver right to your door.

And these store-bought options are just the tip of the iceberg – there’s a whole lot more to explore in the mouth-watering world of plant-based food… For even more tips and chicken-friendly meal ideas, grab your free Veg Starter Kit here.


Here’s one minute of chickens winning at life. Every kind food choice can help pave the way to a kinder world for chickens just like them!