10 ways veggie burgers can help fix the world

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Last updated 22 February 2016

Your choices are powerful. And so is the mighty veggie burger. What we eat can have a HUGE impact, and not just on ourselves. Here are 10 reasons eating veggie burgers can help fix the world.

A massive 1 in 3 Australians are swapping out meat-centric meals for plant-based ones. Every meat-free meal makes a difference, for your health, for the environment and for animals. Here are 10 ways picking the veg option can help make the world a kinder, brighter place… starting with the humble burger. (Why burgers? Because they’re delicious! But more on that later… )

Over 600 million farmed animals are killed & eaten every year in Australia

Being born just to be killed is hardly a life at all. Yet this is a reality for millions of animals every year. Every time you eat vegetarian food, you help spare animals from being born into this life of suffering.

Animal products have been linked to all the western world's major killers

Choosing plant-based meals can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. That veggie burger is sounding pretty good now, right?

Animal farming produces more emissions than transport combined

What’s more, nearly 80% of the land cleared in the Amazon is used for cattle grazing. ‘Meat’ is literally eating up the planet. You can help combat this with every bite of a delicious meat-free burger and help preserve this planet for future generations.

Piglets in factory farms have their teeth, tails and testicles cut off

Scientists believe pigs to be smarter than dogs and even 3 year old children. Yet it’s legal in Australia to cut parts off the body of a piglet without pain relief. It would be considered animal cruelty for these painful procedures to be carried out on a puppy. By eating less meat or going meat-free you can help end factory farming.

Plant-based food uses around 15 times less water than meatPHOTO: Gardein chick’n sliders from Veganopoulous. Discover more chicken-friendly ‘chicken’ here.

On average, every time you eat meat-free, you save more water than you would if you stopped showering for 2 months! Millions of litres of water go into growing crops to feed animals… (food which could be fed directly to humans). Imagine how much water could be saved by serving up veggie burgers for the whole family.

Eating plant-rich food can help our wildlife

The habitats of our native animals are being cleared to graze cattle. By shifting consumer demand to animal-friendly alternatives, we can help our koalas and other precious wildlife.

Calves and chicks are being killed en masse as 'wastage'

Male chicks can’t lay eggs. They are born into the egg industry by the millions and are killed on the same day. Dairy cows are made to give birth once every year to keep them producing milk for human consumption. Male calves can’t produce milk so they are trucked to slaughter, along with unwanted female calves, within a few short days of being born. You can help protect these animals by tucking into a delicious burger free from animal products.

Almost half the marine animals have been wiped out since 1970

Largely due to overfishing, marine life populations have declined by 49% in a single generation. Current fishing rates could see the oceans’ fish populations collapse by 2050. You can help by swapping out your fish fillet for a yummy veggie patty.

Animals want to live lives free from suffering

Just like us, animals feel joy and pain. Eating plant-based food protects animals from cruelty. And…

It tastes so good!

Mushroom burgers, lentil patties, Beyond Burgers, ‘chick’n’ schnitzel burgers… the possibilities are endless. Check the refrigerated section of your local supermarket for ready to cook veggie burger patties, or make your own

Feature image of mouthwatering plant-based burgers courtesy of our friends at Soul Burger.

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