VICTORY! Wild dolphins safe from Sea World Australia's overseas parks.

Animals Australia and Australia for Dolphins supporters made their voices heard — and now Village Roadshow has made a historic commitment.
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Last updated 16 November 2015

GOOD NEWS UPDATE — Village Roadshow pulls out of Chinese marine theme park plan:

Following the positive commitment by Sea World Australia to never confine wild dolphins or whales in any of its parks, its parent company Village Roadshow went a step further. The entertainment giant confirmed in a media statement that “Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP) has recently ended the agreement to manage the proposed marine theme park development in China on Hainan Island.”

While a growing number of people in China are standing up for animals, the country has no animal protection laws. And many of the marine animals at aquariums and marine parks in China are taken from the wild in brutal hunts. So thanks to caring Australians taking action, wild dolphins and whales are swimming safer today after this significant decision.

Talk about people power. Things were looking grim when news came of Village Roadshow’s plans to set up a new marine theme park in China, where there are no animal protection laws. It was likely the dolphins and even whales kept in captivity there would have been taken from the wild in traumatic hunts — a cruel practice that’s illegal in Australia.

But thanks to thousands of people stepping up to urge Sea World Australia not to buy into cruelty overseas, the future is looking brighter for these unique animals! Only a week after caring Aussies told Sea World Australia and its parent company Village Roadshow not to tear wild dolphins from their families and confine them on display for the sake of ‘entertainment’, this happened:

Sea World operator will not source will animals for parks planned in China, South-East Asia, Russia.
Kathleen Skene
Gold Coast Bulletin

The theme park giant’s confirmation that Village Roadshow will never display wild-caught dolphins and whales at any of its parks makes an enormously significant statement. This public commitment means one of the biggest family-owned companies in Australia is acknowledging the growing global movement against forcing sensitive and intelligent animals to live lives of deprivation for the sake of ticket sales.

Thanks to the efforts of our friends at Australia for Dolphins, as well as other dedicated advocates over decades — including the makers of the groundbreaking documentary film ‘Blackfish’people around the world are becoming informed about the suffering of marine animals in captivity, and inspired to make a difference. Now that’s something to smile about!

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Dolphins still need your help!

  • You can support this positive step by sending Sea World Australia a short thank you message on Facebook. (However, you could also note that you hope this step is bringing us closer to the day when they choose to phase out breeding non-endangered animals like bottlenose dolphins in captivity altogether.)
  • Internationally, cruel ‘drive hunts’ like those that happen at Taiji in Japan are only financially viable because of the lucrative trade in live dolphins and whales to aquariums and marine theme parks. You can help save dolphins by pledging to never attend these facilities, and calling for an end to the Taiji hunts.

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