10 animal influencers to brighten up your social media feed.

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Last updated April 12, 2020

In need of some wholesome-as-heck, lol-inducing, awwwww-inspiring rescue animals to brighten your day? We hear you. And we’re here to help

Social media can be overwhelming at times like this, but it also offers us the absolute GIFT that is animal influencers, or more specifically — rescued animal ambassadors. In the interests of your wellbeing, we’ve done the hard work of compiling this list of some of our favourite famous rescues lucky enough to find homes with adoring (and social media savvy) humans.

We’re not suggesting that following these accounts will fix the world’s problems. But it may just give you the little daily dose of wholesome goodness your brain (and heart) need during this difficult time…

Esther the Wonder Pig

Originally adopted under the pretense she was a “micro pig”, Esther’s rapid growth soon revealed it wasn’t just her personality that was going to be huge! Luckily for this lovable (and fashionable!) pig, the love of her adoptive dads grew as quickly as she did — as did the size of her audience on social media. Derek and Steve, with help from Esther’s followers, have since established the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuarywhere Esther continues to thrive with her loving family (human and non-human), and inspire millions of people to live compassionate lives. She really is some pig.

Find Esther on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Lamb Clan

It all started with a lamb called Louis… then there was Henry… then Lance… and now, there’s a whole flock of beloved rescued sheep known as ‘The Lamb Clan’. These fortunate ‘lambs’ (as they will always be known to their besotted humans) were all rescued from freezing winter paddocks, and now as loving family members, will never know the cold again. Follow them on Instagram for your regular fix of adorable facial expressions, affectionate cuddles and playful hops as they showcase their individual personalities to the world.

Find the Lamb Clan on Instagram.


When the skills of an animator and filmaker are combined with the cuteness of a very willing rescued cat, hilarity ensues. After adopting Lizzy (nicknamed ‘OwlKitty’ because she’s pear-shaped and has big round eyes like an owl) from a local shelter, her talented human started making parody videos as a fun project for friends and family. This adorable cat now has more than 1.3 million followers across her social channels, and once you see some of her videos, you’ll understand why. Lizzy’s adoring humans utilise her online influence to not only spread joy (and many lols), but to encourage pet adoption.

Find OwlKitty on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Juniper Foxx

Juniper aka ‘the happiest fox’ has an infectious smile that is guaranteed to bring a little joy to your day. This superstar fox has millions of followers across her various social media platforms, which are all populated with beautiful photos and adorable videos of Juniper and other rescued animals including dogs and Juniper’s adopted fox siblings Elmwood and Fig. The exotic animal trade is a significant animal welfare concern in the USA, and so Juniper’s human is passionate about educating people about the specialist needs of exotic animals and actively discourages against keeping them as pets — suggesting that those interested in exotic animals volunteer with wildlife rehabilitators and animal sanctuaries instead.

Find Juniper on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Life of Pikelet

Pikelet aka Pikey aka Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll is arguably Australia’s most influential rescued doggo. It’s heartbreaking to think that this much-loved staffy was once alone on the concrete floor of a death row cage. Thankfully (for all of us) he was rescued from the pound, and fostered by some very lovely humans who quite understandably fell in love with him… and seven years later, it’s safe to say he’s not going anywhere. The Life of Pikelet family have since cared for and rehomed over 80 foster animals (including deer, piglets and ducklings) and assisted with the rehoming of hundreds more. Pikelet’s social media feeds are jam-packed with photos that will make your heart burst, thanks to his ‘Ma’, a talented photographer.

Find Pikey and Pals on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Salty Hound

Have you ever see a greyhound chatter? Well, it’s what made this doe-eyed hound famous so needless to say, it’s quite entertaining (don’t worry she’s not cold — it’s something greyhounds do when they’re happy… and Salty does it A LOT). Rescued from the racing industry, Salty has upgraded from kennel life to will-only-go-to-sleep-if-she-has-a-pillow-to-rest-her-head-on life. She’s possibly the world’s cutest ambassador for greyhound adoption. Come for the adorable overbite, stay for the beautiful personality.

Find Salty on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Dusty and Otter

Surely everyone needs a duck with a bouffant ‘do’ in their lives? Dusty and Otter were adopted as ducklings by a couple who went vegetarian after seeing ducks being shot in a documentary, and who now run a vegan cooking business. They found it difficult to source information about keeping ducks as companions, finding that most resources about duck husbandry revolved around how to raise them for meat, eggs or down. So now, in addition to promoting adoption and compassionate living, Dusty and Otter’s online influence help them teach others how to take care of ducks and love them for who they are — not what their bodies can produce.

Find Dusty and Otter on Instagram and Facebook.


She may look a little different, but Smush is just like any other cat — playful, adorable, and absolutely the boss of her household! This gorgeous cat was dumped as a very sick 10 day old kitten outside a university vet school. A kind vet student saved her, and after lots of love and care from her foster humans, she now lives her best life — and is kind enough to share it with the world. Smush has congenital deformities, hence the smushy face — she’s also healthy, strong, and doing a wonderful job at promoting adoption, and helping to remind people that beauty comes in many forms.

Find Smush on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Jill Squirrel

Jill fell from her nest during a hurricane, and was rescued by a caring passer-by who intended to look after her temporarily but Jill became part of the family. This cheeky “parkour expert” now enjoys cuddling up with her favourite teddy bear, falling asleep on her human, napkins and belly rubs.

Find Jill on Instagram and YouTube.

Vet Nurse Ruby

Ruby was sold as a pure bred working sheep dog, but this gentle pup was more interested in befriending the sheep than rounding them up. She was about to be shot but thankfully the owner had a change of heart at the last second and she was able to find her calling at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. Ruby is now known as ‘Vet Nurse Ruby’ and visitors to the refuge — human and otherwise — are greeted warmly by the kelpie, who helps comfort the new animal residents when they arrive.

Find Ruby on Instagram.

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