Credit: Sintesia Animalia Indonesia
A rescuer holding a rescued puppy, wearing a Sintesia tee-shirt, stands in front of earthquake damage.

Emergency Grants Program activated in Indonesia.

Helping rescuers and supporting the care of animal survivors in East Java in the aftermath of November's earthquake.

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Last updated December 22, 2022

On the 21st of November 2022, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck East Java in Indonesia, killing over 600 people and an unknown number of animals and leaving tens of thousands stranded without homes and shelter.

The scale of this disaster was devastating for both humans and animals, and our Emergency Grants Program was activated in response to support local advocacy and animal protection organisation, Sintesia Animalia Indonesia.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

A member of the Sintesia team gently holds a rescued puppy, wreckage from the earthquake in the background.
The team from Sintesia Animalia Indonesia searched the rubble and found many survivors.
Image credit: Sintesia Animalia Indonesia

Working in partnership with local government agencies, the team urgently deployed to Cianjur, to help animals and people on the ground in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Amidst aftershocks that continued for days, they prioritised getting essential supplies to evacuation centres – organising food and water for dogs and cats and other companion animals brought to the centres seeking safe shelter with their families.

They also provided several tonnes of fodder for the many sheep and cattle left without food as farmers – many of whom had lost their homes – could not access pastures due to damage sustained to their fields.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Calves in a rescue shelter after the earthquake being fed by the Sintesia team.
Farmed animals were provided feed and shelter in the aftermath of the earthquake.
Image credit: Sintesia Animalia Indonesia

Ongoing and productive discussions with local government agencies are continuing as the team works to assist with better preparedness for animals and their welfare in times of disaster.

The disaster was heartbreaking; imagining how the victims and their animals went through this condition and struggled to survive. This disaster has separated many people from their families, animals and homes that hold many memories. We saw a lot of destruction but also a lot of gratitude. So, we are glad to be able to share some of what they feel.
Sintesia Animalia Indonesia

Our Emergency Grants and the work of Sintesia Animalia Indonesia provided the only help for animals in the aftermath of this disaster. And while people and animals are still physically and psychologically traumatized, and relief and rebuilding efforts will continue for many months, once again, our donor-funded program has saved countless lives and given hope and care where it’s desperately needed.


This image contains content which some may find confronting

Sintesia team member carries a rescued puppy in the aftermath of the earthquake.
Image credit: Sintesia Animalia Indonesia

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