Two rescued dogs at Lucky Animal Protection Shelter, stand in an enclosure with their tails wagging.

Helping animals in the aftermath of Pakistan’s catastrophic floods.

Through our Emergency Grants Program, we are supporting the rebuild of Lucky Animal Protection Shelter — the only animal shelter in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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Last updated October 11, 2022

As the devastating floods in Pakistan receded and the scale of the catastrophe was revealed, our minds immediately turned to the helpers — caring people who looked out for animals caught up in the disaster, and continue to care for them.

The UN secretary described the floods as ‘climate carnage’ — a result of melting glaciers combined with monsoon rains, creating a crisis on a scale not seen before. An estimated half a million homes have been destroyed, not including forests, national parks and wilderness areas for animals. Tens of millions of Pakistanis are now displaced, and just under a million farmed animals are estimated to have drowned. There are no official figures for wildlife killed, nor domestic dogs and cats who live on the streets, most vulnerable to danger.

Animals Australia’s Emergency Grants Program has been activated to enable those on the ground in Pakistan to help animals in need and continue their life-saving work.


This image contains content which some may find confronting

Floodwaters in Pakistan covered and destroyed Lucky Animal Protection Shelter.
Seemingly, global media showed little interest in this crisis, but thanks to donors to our Emergency Grants Program, we have been able to offer critical support to help compassionate and dedicated people helping animals on the ground.

Lucky Animal Protection Shelter

There aren’t many animal protection organisations operating in Pakistan, but as always there are kind-hearted souls who are saving lives.

Located next to the Kabul River in Charsadda is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s only animal shelter — Lucky Animal Protection Shelter (LAPS). Here, the flood waters rose almost faster than the people or animals could evacuate. Enclosures were engulfed, the current of the water so strong it smashed through brick buildings and left watermarks on the walls 5 feet high.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

A damaged shelter in the aftermath of the catastrophic floods.
Lucky Animal Protection Shelter need urgent help to rebuild and replace equipment so they can continue to provide a safe space and care for hundreds of animals who would otherwise have no-one.

The small team was forced to swim animals out, desperately clutching as many dogs as they could at a time.

One of those dogs was Fabio — a survivor and amputee, recognisable only by his face barely above water and his eyes shining in torchlight. Seeing someone he trusted, he swam directly into Javed from LAPS arms and was saved, along with the 250 others, whose only safe refuge was on the shelter’s roof for days.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Pictured left, Zeba from Lucky Animal Protection Shelter cradles a young pup, and pictured right, Javed hugs rescued dog, Fabio.
Zeba and Javed from LAPS are the only ones rescuing and caring for animals in a province of 35 million people. They are generous, down-to-earth, and humble, and along with their son, they have dedicated their lives to easing suffering.

For years this team has worked to raise awareness and change ‘norms’ in the community, to encourage respect and kindness for the tens of thousands of animals simply trying to survive.

Their resolve has not been shattered by these floods even though their shelter has been, because their motive is pure love for animals.

Food, veterinary care, and a new shelter will help the hundreds of animals living at LAPS in Pakistan. And beyond providing tangible relief for those there now, it will also help the countless animals who may rely on the shelter's care in the future.

It’s a long road ahead to recover from the trauma and hardship but hearing that help is arriving on behalf of kind-hearted people in Australia and around the world, their spirits have been lifted and their resolve strengthened.

Help rebuild the shelter

Our Emergency Grants Program enables us to be where animals need us most during times of crisis. In the aftermath of disastrous flooding in Pakistan, Lucky Animal Protection Shelter’s most urgent needs are for food and veterinary care, and for the shelter to be rebuilt.

The scale of suffering in the aftermath of the floods is enormous, but the impact of donations is significant and will provide tangible relief for hundreds of animals now and thousands more in the future.

Support from the other side of the world has a lasting impact beyond finances. It ignites compassion that challenges current views towards animals and promotes kindness as the new ‘normal’. And the benefits that brings animals is priceless.