Credit: Anas Baba
Minwar the cat smooches Saeed from Sulala Animal Rescue.

Supporting Gaza’s only animal welfare organisation.

The team at Sulala Animal Rescue are continuing their lifesaving work, despite all the risks and challenges they face as the attacks on Gaza continue.

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Last updated February 16, 2024

It takes enormous courage and selflessness to put animals first in times of conflict and war, but that’s exactly what the team at Sulala Animal Rescue are doing through their lifesaving work. 

Despite the extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances in Gaza, this incredible team’s priority has always been to keep animals safe from harm and suffering, and to promote kindness and understanding for animals in the community. 

Their vital work has changed attitudes towards animals and inspired younger generations of animal lovers – even now. During the war, children are rescuing animals and bringing them to Sulala’s founder, Saeed, so that he can do his best to help them.

Like many, Animals Australia has been deeply distressed witnessing the ongoing violent attacks harming all innocent residents of Gaza. It was important for us to ensure that the team at Sulala could stay connected to the world and facilitate a way for generous people to support their work.

Our appeal is raising critical funds to help them rescue and care for hundreds of animals stranded, starving and injured as the war continues.

A white kitten looking dirty is cuddled up in a yellow blanket
Sulala Animal Rescue
Sulala rescuers place a rescued dog into a transport cage.
Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza
A small dog received medical attention from a Sulala vet.
Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza

The people and animals of Gaza sadly remain in extreme danger during the war, and the flow-on effects of a blockade that includes food scarcity, lack of access to medical or veterinary care, and a lack of fuel, power, and fresh water.

Despite several forced evacuations, tragic loss of life in their own team, and daily threats of airstrikes and ground attacks, Sulala Animal Rescue continue to respond to endless animal emergencies and provide critical care and shelter for the many animals who would otherwise have no one looking out for them. 

Our recognition of the visionary work of this organisation has led to our support as their sole ongoing funding organisation since June 2021. As the October 7 (2023) war broke out, we launched a global fundraiser for Sulala.

We have already lost everything, but at least the animals are still with me.
Saeed Al Err, Founder of Sulala Animal Rescue
A hungry looking brown and black dog lays on concrete as a Gazan man crouches down emptying a can of dog food into a plate in front of the dog
Sulala Animal Rescue
A cat eats food provided by a Sulala team member as she kneels down beside them.
Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza
Sulala team members evacuate animals in a crate, loading them into the back of a vehicle in Gaza.
Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza

Donations have been given from caring people around the world from 77 countries, who all care deeply for animals and the Sulala team. It’s given us, and Saeed, some much-needed hope amidst this horrific situation and shown just how much kindness exists within our global community.

These donations have helped us purchase several tonnes of animal food and veterinary supplies in partnership with the organisation Safe Haven for Donkeys. It is currently sitting at the Rafah border, its entry hindered by increased attacks in the area.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Several white donkeys in a row eating in Gaza.
Image credit: Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza

We continue to explore every possible avenue to help the animals of Gaza and the courageous and compassionate people who are trying to help them.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

A Sulala team member teaching children in Gaza.
Sulala has previously run regular animal welfare education programs in schools and through the broader community. They have also worked extensively with the local government on solutions to help the many animals in need. 
Image credit: Sulala Animal Rescue, Gaza

Thank you – you make the support of Sulala’s critical work possible.