Credit: Pegasus Shelter Dnipro

UKRAINE CRISIS: Helping animals in the aftermath of the devastating Kherson flood.

Our Emergency Grants Program is assisting the courageous and dedicated team from Pegasus Shelter, helping rescue and care for animals caught up in the disaster.

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Last updated June 15, 2023

Following the catastrophic flooding after the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine was destroyed, our Emergency Grants program has been activated – we are supporting local rescuers from Pegasus Shelter, who are on the ground rescuing and providing emergency care to animals caught up in the disaster.

The flooding has had devastating impacts on animals and humans alike, with many animals trapped, stranded and exhausted, without food or water.

As the scale of this tragedy unfolded, our hearts were with the courageous, caring people racing to rescue desperate animals from the flood zone. 

Olga Kozak, Shelter Manager at Pegasus, and her team bravely entered dangerous floodwaters navigating floating debris, bacteria-laden water and downed power lines to rescue exhausted, cold animals, including dogs, cats, chickens, goats and a falcon. Dozens of animals have now been transported to safety at Pegasus Shelter and are receiving emergency veterinary treatment and care.


This image contains content which some may find confronting

Thanks to donors to the Emergency Grants program, we have been able to offer critical support to help courageous people helping animals on the ground in the flood zone.
Image credit: Pegasus Shelter, Dnipro Ukraine
"The situation in Kherson is very bad; there is hell. Bombed, houses flooded to the roof; there are a lot of mines and dead animals in the water. The water is very cold and covered in oil. We save everyone we find. Our team swims in the water and rescues animals. It's very dangerous there, but we'll save anyway."
Olga Kozak, Pegasus Shelter.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Puppy rescued from Ukraine flood by Pegasus shelter, drinking from a water bottle
Pegasus Shelter offers animals the kindness all animals deserve – providing emergency care and a safe space for the many rescued now in their care.
Image credit: Pegasus Shelter Dnipro

Help build emergency shelter

As the flood waters begin to recede, the life-saving work of Pegasus Shelter is just beginning. Set up 12 years ago, it is the largest shelter in the Dnipropetrovsk region in Ukraine, and is currently home to nearly 1000 animals. Already stretched helping the overwhelming number of animals in need since the war began in early 2022 – and now taking in many more rescued animals from the flood zone – the most urgent needs are building emergency shelters and providing food and veterinary care. 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Emergency Grants program can assist brave caregivers on the ground during times of crisis, alleviate suffering, and provide hope for animals when they need it most.

If you would like to help shelters like Pegasus – who at times risk their lives to put vulnerable animals first in times of disaster – please donate to our Emergency Grants Program today.