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An Animals Syria Cat Connect team member feeds cats on the streets.

Supporting animal rescue in Syria.

Following the unimaginable loss and destruction caused by the recent earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, our Emergency Grants Program has been activated to support animal aid in the region.

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Last updated March 15, 2023

The devastating impact of the recent earthquake in Türkiye and Syria on people and animals alike is almost inconceivable.

Over 50,000 human lives have been lost. Over a million people have lost their homes. And countless companion animals and farmed animals have been left without shelter or care.

Amidst the disaster, there are groups of compassionate people doing everything in their power to help rescue and assist whoever they can. Animals Syria Cat Connect is one of these local organisations, and was founded by Syrian woman, Rawaa, and her brave team of animal protectors.

Based in the city of Aleppo, the organisation works to save countless animals on the streets of Syria, and rehome cats and dogs to loving families throughout Europe. Much of their work in recent years has focused on reuniting companion animals with their families forced to flee their war-torn country. When the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the region in the early hours of February 6, 2023, their work grew on an unimaginable scale…


The Animals Syria Cat Connect shelter sustained some damage from the earthquake, but their animals were thankfully all safe.

Their priority at this time is finding survivors. Rawaa explained that one of the biggest, immediate challenges facing the team is getting to survivors, as earth-moving equipment is scarce. Her volunteers have been searching through rubble with their bare hands. The freezing temperatures have also meant that the team must work as fast as they can during daylight hours, because the chance of surviving the sub-zero nights is slim.

It’s not only animals they are helping, it’s people too. The team has been preparing hot meals and collecting supplies for animals and humans alike. Everyone is desperate for – and deserving of – compassion right now.

The situation here is unimaginable. Our team are helping anyone – animals, people, anyone who is alive.
RAWAA KILANI, Founder of Animals Syria Cat Connect

Resilient and selfless, the team at Animals Syria Cat Connect haven’t spared a second to think about themselves.

There are very few resources to help animals in Syria on a ‘normal’ day, let alone in the aftermath of a disaster. Access to vets and medical supplies is limited. This means the priority for the team is to transport survivors by road on a long and expensive journey, over the border to Lebanon, where they can be given lifesaving treatment.

Thanks to our generous supporters, our Emergency Grants Program will help fund fuel to transport animals, desperately needed veterinary supplies like pain relief and antibiotics, carriers to transport survivors, food for animals who have been left homeless, and materials to help build capacity at their existing shelter for those who can’t be evacuated.

Emergency Grants: helping animals in need, wherever they are

Donations to Animals Australia’s Emergency Grants Program enable urgent support to be channeled in times of crisis. Your generous donation today will provide support to the compassionate and dedicated team at Animals Syria Cat Connect, who are achieving the impossible with so little right now.


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A group photo of ten members of the Animals Syria Cat Connect team, and a rescued dog on one team member's lap.
Thank you to all who have supported our Emergency Grants Program and enabled support for Animals Syria Cat Connect. This team of compassionate individuals has been working around the clock to save animals in the aftermath of the earthquake disaster.
Image credit: Animals Syria Cat Connect