Lebanon disaster response: How you’re supporting rescue and ongoing care of animals in Beirut.

In the aftermath of a terrible disaster, the generosity of Animals Australia supporters helped the courageous team at Animals Lebanon to leap into action -- saving lives and sharing hope.

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Last updated August 28, 2020

On 4 August 2020, a massive explosion ripped through Beirut, Lebanon’s capital city. Shocking video and photos flooded the internet: hundreds of people lost their lives and thousands were left injured and grieving.

Yet in the midst of this suffering, there was hope. Brave members of Animals Lebanon launched a rapid response rescue team, to comb the wreckage for animal survivors and do whatever they could to help.

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A girl with rescued cute and tiny kitten

Your support is helping injured or lost animals in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion.

Since April this year we have been assisting Animals Lebanon’s efforts through our COVID- 19 emergency grants program. Now, with this explosion devastating large parts of Beirut, Animals Australia supporters’ generosity has helped these caring human beings reunite missing animals with their loved ones, provide veterinary care to those who need it, and in doing so, uplift and inspire through their acts of courage and kindness.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

A girl with recued dog walking in front of destroyed building in Lebanon

Economic collapse, coupled with a major explosion in the midst of a pandemic have made for a very challenging time for Beirut’s only animal protection organisation. But thanks to your support, Animals Lebanon have continued to run street feeding programs, and provide veterinary treatment and rehoming for animals in need. Their search and rescue teams will continue to work to reunite animals with their families.

Watch this video to see the inspiring work of Animals Lebanon:

Our global COVID-19 Emergency Grants Program is saving lives

It’s not only animals in Beirut whose lives are being changed by your support. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have helped provide veterinary treatment and food for ‘working’ animals and animals used within tourism industries, whose owners are out of work and without income. We have fuelled feeding programs to ensure that millions of animals living on the streets were still being fed when some of the busiest city streets became deserted. And we will continue to monitor where animals here and around the world need us most, as this pandemic continues.

These emergency grants continue to help animals across several continents, in countries that have been hard hit by COVID-19. We have so far assisted 26 organisations helping animals in Lebanon, Palestine, Nepal, Uruguay, Colombia, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Tanzania, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, and Australia.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Animal charity worker feeding cows in Lebanon

Thank you for caring.

On behalf of animals across the globe, thank you for ensuring they aren’t forgotten in such difficult times. Your support means the world to them, and those dedicated to protecting them.