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From one side of the world to the other, we are uniting caring people to create a kinder world through action, education and awareness. Because no matter where they are from, all animals deserve protection.

A person treating a rescued horse in Jakarta

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  • Greyhound racing export cruelty exposed on ABC's 7.30

    Since cracking the lid open on brutal 'live-baiting' sessions and mass killings in Australian greyhound racing circles, our investigators have uncovered another dark side to this industry. Countless...

  • Ban kangaroo exports to the U.S.!

    California is currently considering permanently lifting a ban on the importation of kangaroo flesh and skins. The Australian commercial kangaroo slaughter industry is cheering -- but it could spell...

  • Go forth and travel with kindness!

    If you love travelling as much as you love animals, then check out our guide to exploring our amazing world - the kind way!

  • Hope in Gaza

    In the wake of shocking animal cruelty exposés emanating from the Gaza Strip, it's easy to lose faith that a kinder world for animals is attainable -- the world over. But compassion knows no borders...

  • Forgotten casualties of Running of the Bulls

    Tourists from Australia and around the world flock to Spain each year for the 'Running of the Bulls' -- but how many Aussies are truly aware of the terror and suffering that awaits the animals at the...