Live export

The global live export trade has been built on an acceptance of suffering - sending animals on risky journeys halfway around the world just to be killed for their meat when they arrive in destination countries. Live export is not only cruel, it is also unnecessary.

Sheep in very overcrowded pen
Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur
  • 'Hoax' claims shut down

    Desperate attempts to discredit evidence of animal cruelty endemic in the live export trade were shut down during the Senate Inquiry into the welfare of animals in the live trade.

  • Live Export Death Files

    Millions of cattle, sheep and other animals have suffered and died during export from Australia to overseas countries for slaughter -- before they reach their destination. We provide the official statistics of 'mortality' during the sea voyages.

  • A Bloody Business': routine, widespread and industry-facilitated cruelty to cattle exposed

    Animals Australia's first investigation in Indonesia - as shown on Four Corners - exposed the routine, widespread and brutal treatment of Australian cattle. The level of industry knowledge and complicity revealed a damning picture of the live export trade and…