End rodeo cruelty – sign the NSW Parliamentary petition today!

Help spare horses and cattle from suffering for this outdated form of 'entertainment'.

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Last updated August 1, 2023
WATCH NOW: see what animals are forced to endure at rodeo events.

Strengthen the collective voice for animals used in the rodeo

A petition has been launched to the Legislative Assembly to ban rodeos in NSW. If that petition reaches 20,000 signatures, it will trigger a parliamentary debate about the future of rodeos NSW.


This image contains content which some may find confronting

A young calf is being roughly handled by a competitor in a calf roping event – the calf has a scared expression with a rope around their neck as they are being flung high off the ground onto their side.
Calves are intentionally made fearful so they'll run, only to be brought to a jolting choke stop with rope around their necks, then wrestled to the ground. Cruel 'calf roping events' have already been outlawed in Victoria and South Australia.
The truth is that for rodeos to even exist, every animal is tormented - forced into a state of distress, pain and panic so they can 'perform'.

This is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the suffering of every single calf, steer and horse forced to participate in rodeos – and to align NSW laws with community expectations that no animal should suffer in the name of ‘entertainment’.

Please take a moment to sign this petition, and once done, share it with your friends and family in NSW who may also wish to help animals used in rodeos.