Baby kangaroo in the pouch. Looking so cute, and directly at camera.

Hollywood stars urge Nike to save kangaroos (Join them!)

Did you know that wild kangaroos are brutally shot for soccer boots? If it’s news to you, you’re not alone. Watch the short film and sign the petition!
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Animals Australia team

Last updated 16 February 2021

A Hollywood producer and Emmy-winning editor have released a powerful short film revealing the shocking cruelty our iconic native animals suffer for the sake of shoes made from their skins.

They’re calling on Nike to urgently stop using kangaroo skins in their shoes…

Watch the film:

Sign the petition urging Nike to spare kangaroos

Please join our friends at Center for a Humane Economy in calling for an end to this cruelty.


Thank you for shaping a kinder future for wildlife

Thank you for taking action for kangaroos and their joeys. Please share this video and petition with friends and family who may also wish to help stop this cruelty!