Reusable bamboo cutlery set

Eat kindly and satisfy your appetite for change.

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  • Made from biodegradable bamboo

Choosing a plant-based diet is the most powerful way to show kindness to animals, but there are many more ways to eat kindly. Like, by using—and reusing—this Animals Australia bamboo cutlery set.

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable crop. As a rapid-growing grass, it does not require any fertiliser and needs very little farming or maintenance, self-regenerating from its own roots. In stark comparison, only 9% of all plastic produced is recycled and approximately 8 million pieces of plastic are added to our oceans every day. This reusable cutlery set is made from biodegradable bamboo; by purchasing this set and helping to reduce the circulation of single-use plastic cutlery, you can ease the strain on our planet.

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Purchase this product, buy into the movement for kindness.

A shopping spree never felt so good! We strive to ensure the products in our shop align with some exacting criteria: a set of ethical and environmental benchmarks that contribute to a kinder world. In selecting products, we try to support suppliers who are:

  • Kind to animals

    We only stock products that are completely vegan, and that come with a Choose Cruelty Free certification or similar equivalent.
  • Kind to people

    We do this by questioning supply chains and employment conditions for people involved with our suppliers.
  • Kind to the earth

    We do this by striving to ensure suppliers are mindful of sustainability and the impact their manufacturing processes can have on the environment.