Symbolic calf adoption

This symbolic adoption makes a perfect gift that gives hope to real animals.

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Few people know that ‘bobby calves’ are the hidden victims of the dairy industry, wrenched from their mothers and trucked to slaughter at just a few days old. This adorable 20cm plush bobby makes a perfect gift—whether for yourself or a loved one—because it gives hope to millions of real, sensitive and scared bobby calves.

By providing a new home for your plush bobby, you’ll support our work to end the suffering of real-life animals trapped in our broken food system: animals who would give anything for a new home with love, freedom, and kindness. Your adoption will support public awareness issues to shine a light on cruel and unnecessary factory farming practices. Your gorgeous plush bobby comes with a necktie featuring the message ‘my future is in your hands’, and a symbolic adoption certificate for you, or as a gift in a loved one’s name.

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