A mother pig in a farrowing crate, looking through the bars with sad eyes, her piglets on the other side of the barren cage.

They keep her hidden for a reason…

Your gift can help spare pigs like her and her babies from a lifetime of misery inside factory farms.

Please don’t forget these animals this Christmas. Give today to give them hope.

For the helpless mother pig trapped in a farrowing crate,  who will never feel the warmth of the sunshine, or be able to nurture her young on the other side of the cold cage bars. These sensitive and social animals are denied everything that makes their lives worth living.

Deliberately hidden in factory farms, far from the view of caring people who wouldn’t stand for it, if only they knew. Valued only by what they produce – instead of for who they are – most pigs in Australia are living like this right now, and they desperately need our help.

Your donation today will fuel our new ambitious public awareness campaign in 2023, and you’ll be one of the caring people directly helping us shape a future without cages. This Christmas, please give generously to give pigs and their piglets a life worth living…

You can change their world.

Your urgent donation this Christmas can help give pigs the future they deserve.

A piglet, seemingly smiling, looks upwards with floating decorative stars overlayed.
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