Baby kangaroo in the pouch. Looking so cute, and directly at camera.

Hollywood stars urge Nike to save kangaroos (Join them!)

Did you know that wild kangaroos are brutally shot for soccer boots? If it’s news to you, you’re not alone. Watch the short film below and find out how you can help.

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Last updated February 7, 2023

BREAKING: Nike has announced it will shift away from the cruel wildlife trade!

Global sports brand Nike is the latest to announce it will stop making shoes out of native Australian wildlife, following Puma’s recent announcement that it will phase out all products made from kangaroos this year. These brands will no longer support the commercial kangaroo killing industry and instead innovate to using kinder, non-animal materials – a move that will spare thousands of gentle kangaroos and their joeys from being shot or bludgeoned to death each year.

This significant announcement marks a critical shift in corporate support for the cruel wildlife trade from Australia. The writing is on the wall for the commercial kangaroo industry in Australia as global corporates distance themselves and lawmakers join the growing call to protect native wildlife.

This powerful short film reveals the shocking cruelty iconic Australian animals face each night across their homeland, all for the sake of shoes…

A Hollywood producer and Emmy-winning editor teamed up to create this powerful short video about what – or who – is behind kangaroo ‘leather’ sports shoes. They’re calling on Nike to urgently stop using kangaroo skins and spare these sensitive native animals from cruelty…

Watch the film:

Thank you for shaping a kinder future for kangaroos!

The tide is finally turning on the biggest land-based slaughter of wildlife in the world. To the team at the Center for a Humane Economy, and to all those who spoke out for kangaroos – thank you.  Our collective voice has been heard by the likes of Nike and Puma, and as these major brands shift to kinder, animal-free materials, many kangaroos and joeys will be spared.

While we celebrate this monumental win for wildlife, there is still more work to be done until these sensitive animals are safe from shooting…

Want to do more to help this iconic native species?