A happy Golden Retriever dog looks affectionately at a person who is placing a Santa hat loosely on their head, Christmas lights in the background.

5 Christmas gifts the animal lover in your life will love.

Shine a bright light for animals this holiday season with these gifts that give twice!

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Last updated October 27, 2023

Picking out a gift for someone who adores animals? Not only are they sure to love these thoughtful presents, but they’ll be delighted to know they’ve also helped shape a brighter future for animals in need.

The Animals Australia Shop has everything from curated gift packs to smaller stocking stuffers. There are clothes and accessories for those who like to proudly wear their support for animals, and treats for those happy to help animals by indulging in sweets.

Whatever they’re into, there’s plenty in store! Here are our top five picks for the perfect gift this Christmas:

1. The Socks and Chocs Stocking Stuffer

Two of our best-sellers come together in this perfect pairing – our adorable flying-pig socks made from 100% bamboo, and mouthwatering cocoa dusted macadamias from award-winning brand Nestar.

Mother Cow and her calf nuzzling affectionately

Not only are these chocolates absolutely delicious, but being dairy-free, they are also kinder to calves and their mums, sparing them from being separated for dairy production.


2. A symbolic lamb adoption

This plush lamb comes with a symbolic adoption certificate where you can write your loved one’s name.

Two cute little lambs head butting each other standing on the green grass
Plush lamb with adoption certificate and necktie

By giving this plush lamb a home this Christmas, they’ll be supporting our efforts to create a kinder world for lambs and sheep – one where these sweet, gentle animals never have to face the cruelty of industries like live export.


3. The Kindness Gift Pack

The curated pack of compassionate goodies includes ‘The Gift of Kindness’ by Pam Ahern of Edgar’s Mission animal sanctuary, a plush pig and symbolic adoption certificate, and our ‘Kinder world’ magnet, all wrapped thoughtfully in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging.

Plush pig and symbolic adoption certificate, 'The Gift of Kindness' book, and a magnet with a piglet and the phrase 'I'm creating a kinder world'
A cute piglet being gently held in a person's hands

Inspiring and heartwarming, ‘The Gift of Kindness’ book offers a collection of moving stories about rescued animals who have been given a second chance, demonstrating how the smallest act of kindness can have an impact that is truly profound.


4. The ‘Choose kindness’ Vintage Tee

Kindness is always in fashion – and this tee isn’t just kind to animals! It’s climate-neutral, made out of 100% organic cotton, and Certified Fair Wear, making it kinder to people and the planet, too.

A person wears the 'Choose kindness' Animals Australia tee and 'for all animals' sweatpants, with a curious whippet sitting next to them.
'Choose kindness' logo on white shirt with black sleeves, shoulders and neck

5. Chocolates that are delicious – and kinder to calves!

Just when you thought chocolate couldn’t be any more tempting, our friends at Nestar have outdone themselves with their drool-worthy vegan chocolate range.

Three bags of treats with choc coated strawberries at the front

Smothered in divine dairy-free chocolate, these sweet treats are kinder to calves and their mums and help fund our work to help all animals trapped in factory farming systems.


And to accompany your gifts…

We’ve got the cutest cards and wrapping paper! Made from 100% recycled materials and printed with sustainable inks, the Animals Australia wrapping paper has our signature flying pig print and our card range has gorgeous custom-illustrated animal designs.

Set of three Christmas cards.
A gift wrapped with Animals Australia's cute flying pig wrapping paper and a white ribbon

Celebrate a kinder Christmas with these gifts that give twice

Every gift chosen from the Animals Australia Shop this Christmas helps to spare animals from suffering. You’ll warm the hearts of your loved ones and give help, and hope, to animals in need.

Head to the Animals Australia Shop.

A cat chews the corner of a Christmas present.
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