A kangaroo joey reaches up to touch noses with their mother.

Good news for roos: major soccer boot brands to stop using kangaroo skin!

The future for kangaroos and their joeys looks a little brighter as Nike and Puma move toward animal-friendly materials.

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Last updated April 17, 2023

The tide is finally turning on the biggest land-based slaughter of wildlife in the world – the commercial kangaroo killing industry. Global sporting brands Nike and Puma are the latest to announce they will shift away from this cruel wildlife trade.

Nike – the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes – has heard the calls of thousands of caring people, including many Animals Australia supporters. The brand announced it will stop making shoes out of native Australian wildlife.

This exciting news follows Puma’s decision to phase out products made from kangaroo this year, and the introduction of legislation to ban the import of kangaroo products into the state of Oregon, which is home to one of Nike’s production hubs.

With this monumental step forward for kangaroos, our thanks go to the tireless work of the Center for a Humane Economy for leading the global campaign to urge Nike to spare kangaroos, and to the many thousands of animal advocates around the world who have supported this critical initiative.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

A young kangaroo joey with their head and one paw hanging out of their mother's pouch.
A step in the right direction: Nike and other major sporting brands are distancing themselves from the commercial kangaroo industry – an industry that is legally permitted to kill joeys by decapitation and bludgeoning.

Nike and Puma will instead innovate to using “better”, kinder and more sustainable materials  – a move that will help spare kangaroos from being shot and their joeys ‘disposed of’ in horrific ways each night across Australia. Adidas is now the only sporting giant that hasn’t joined this powerful stand for Australian wildlife.

Killed by the millions while there is no reliable data

Many people are shocked to learn that the Australian Federal Government allows kangaroos to be killed and turned into sports shoes and ‘pet food’. These native animals are slaughtered for the sake of commercial profit.

Under the guise of a  ‘management plan,’ each state government (except the ACT)  set kill “quotas” for the commercial industry. The methodology used to count kangaroos and inform this ‘management plan’ recently came under fire for its flaws during a 2021 NSW Parliamentary Inquiry.

In reality, no reliable data exists on kangaroo populations, yet they are being killed at an unprecedented rate. Last year in NSW alone, over 40,000 kangaroos were killed per month.

The NSW and Victorian Government’s “kill quota” for the commercial industry in 2023 is over two million kangaroos – 1,850,228 in NSW and 166,750 in VIC.[1][2] These states have increased the number of kangaroos permitted to be killed from last year without a sound understanding of the impact recent severe floods have had on kangaroo numbers.

If this isn’t awful enough, these staggering numbers do not include joeys, the invisible victims of this industry considered nothing more than ‘collateral damage’ when their mothers are killed.

Change from abroad should be the Aus Gov’s wake-up call

Thankfully, brands like Nike, Puma, and Intersport are realising that this cruel industry is fast losing its social license. After the EU, the US is the second-largest market for the commercial kangaroo shooting industry, so the domino effect happening with US law-makers proposing bills to ban the import of kangaroo products and the commercial sectors making decisions to end their support of the wildlife trade from Australia is heartening.
This should serve as a wake-up call to the Australian Government. At a time when politicians and corporations on the other side of the world are cutting their ties with the commercial kangaroo industry, Australia continues to allow its iconic native animals to be shot by the millions. Instead of carelessly commodifying wildlife, these unique animals must be protected.

How you can help kangaroos today

  1. Add your voice to calls for an end to the commercial slaughter of kangaroos nationwide.
  2. Take the pledge to never buy kangaroo meat or other products.
  3. Contact ADIDAS and urge them to end their use of kangaroo skins at sustainability@adidas-group.com
  4. Watch the acclaimed documentary ‘Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story’ to learn about this well-hidden industry.


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