Factory farming

It's a common belief we inherit as children, that farms are happy, peaceful places. But for the millions of animals locked inside factory farms, there is no happiness, peace, or basic laws to protect them - or their babies - from suffering.

A cute piglet looking towards camera from a sow stall in a factory farm
  • 5 things the egg industry doesn't tell you

    You already know cage eggs are cruel, but you'll never hear the cage egg industry admit it. So what else might they be cagey about? These five facts may ruffle some feathers.

  • Eggs, demystified.

    How much do you really know about how eggs are produced in Australia? We've demystified egg production systems – from cage to free range and beyond – so you can make a truly informed choice.

  • Battery cages banned in Europe

    On the first of January this year a ban on the barren battery cage took effect across the whole European Union in what has been heralded as the greatest animal welfare advancement in our history.

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